Einstein & Calligraphy

I’ve been trying to make it a habit to do a bit of calligraphy each day. So tonight, before doing my alphabet exercises, I thought to try this layout idea that’s been brewing in my head since this morning. Unfortunately, I was at work for most of the day and it’s only now that I finally got to do it. What do you guys think?  Continue reading


Starting my Journey into Calligraphy Again

The last time I had done calligraphy was back in high school. It was taught during our drafting class and we were taught how to use a Speedball pen with a broad nib. Back then, I had loved it. I have always been comfortable with my penmanship. However, that skill was forgotten and put on-hold when I began to get busy with College and then with work. Nowadays, I’m trying to get back to it. I admit, I was a bit rusty but it was like riding a bicycle, you never really forget it. Here’s my first calligraphy practice after years of not picking up a calligraphy pen. Continue reading


Movie Soundtracks that I Like to Listen to

I’m very fortunate that I’m a movie blogger and I always get first dibs on any upcoming movies. I get to review movies and recommend them to my readers. In the two years or more that I’ve been doing it, I’ve already set certain categories on which I base my movie review on regarding the film. One such category is the soundtrack, a movie can be good but could be ruined by poorly chosen music. In the same way, a movie can be made even better by greatly timed and expertly chosen soundtrack. For those movies, you can re-live favorite scenes just by listening to the songs.


The Movie Soundtracks that I like to Listen to

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

Just after the release of the film in theaters, people couldn’t stop raving about it and the Awesome Mix soundtrack. As for me, I had it on my Spotify playlist and on repeat. I was humming Hooked on a Feeling for days! My faves: Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Suede, I want you Back by Jackson 5 and Cherry Bomb by The Runaways.


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Treatment for Bartholin’s Cyst

It was about 3 years ago on one of my ob/gyne trips; I was diagnosed with something called a Bartholin’s Cyst. Prior to that consultation, I had felt some kind of a lump but it wasn’t painful and it was just the size of a kidney bean. The ob/gyne explained to me as best she can about what a Bartholin’s Cyst is. It is the clogging of the Bartholin’s gland. The doctor advised me that should it become enlarged, I would feel pain and discomfort but as long as I didn’t have any, it was just fine to leave it as it is. After that visit, I promptly forgot about it. BartholinsCyst.jpg

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Food that Fight Wrinkles

I was browsing through the screenshot gallery of my tablet and saw an image that I took from a magazine I read last year. One of the signs of aging is wrinkles and even if you’re only in your early 30’s, it’s never a bad thing to start prevention. I’ve been diligently moisturizing my face right before I put on make-up and right before I go to sleep. Here’s how you can fight wrinkles from within. Food-for-wrinkles

According to a Reader’s Digest article that I read, you can eat these food items that are rich in antioxidants to help fight the onset of wrinkles from within. Continue reading


Home Remedies for Burns

Have you ever accidentally touched a hot pan and burned your fingers? Don’t worry, happened to me a lot of times too. For such types of burns, you can treat it right in your own home. Here are 4 easy ways.


Home Remedies for Burns


The natural gel inside the leaves soothes burned skin and actually tightens pores. Apply the gel after disinfecting the burned part of the skin.


Photo Credit: © Peter Frank/Corbis

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It has been a while

After my New Year greeting and my promise to keep this blog more updated, you might have noticed that I haven’t had a post since. Yes, I know it’s been a while and I apologize for the very few updates. My father who had been battling liver cancer succumbed to the disease less than a month ago. His passing brought about this inherent sadness and loss and to be honest, I found it hard to continue my passions. There’s not a single day that passes when I don’t think of him.  little-rock-hiatus

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Usher in the New Year

In my part of the world it’s already 7 hours into the New Year and we’ve already welcomed it with a bang. Well, the firecrackers are gone now and it’s pretty quiet. I’m one of the few souls spending some solitude while everyone else has gone to bed. If you still have a champagne glass in your hand, I raise the red wine goblet that I have in mine. Cheers!

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